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Guaranteed Delivery

With our friendly and hardworking staff, we have flexible delivery schedules to cater to any of your business demands or needs. We offer six day delivery service to the greater Southwest region and same day delivery in Roanoke, while our top notch refrigerated trucks ensure that your product is always fresh. 

Buying Local

Buying from Roanoke Fruit and Produce Company means more than just supporting your local produce distributor. We are always stocking quality locally grown product amongst our other respected suppliers, so your dollar goes a long way in the Roanoke Community! Our coolers and distribution systems ensure that your  product will arrive at your facility as if it were fresh off the farm.

Customer Service

After 100 years in business we know how to take care of our customers. Our knowledgeable office staff will ensure expedient and timely delivery and works around the clock to customize a service that is unique to each customer. As a family business, we pride ourselves in treating our customers as if they were one of our own. 

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